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Who We Are
LifeLong Athletics teach kids at a crucial stage, how to live and lead a healthy life. Recognizing the valuable life lessons sports instills in kids, our programs address the whole athlete to perform optimally in the long game of life.
Role Models
What Makes Us Different
Our approach is built on our 4 essential pillars to address the whole athlete. Each program is thoughtfully designed  around these pillars for athletes of all levels to build and inspire them to be LifeLong athletes

athletic activities for local communities

Flexible  programs
6-10 week program starting Fall 2020
Hybrid at-home and in-person classes
Virtual only options are available
Daily Physical Activity
Non-sport specific athletic movements designed for kids
Speed, Mobility and Coordination
Classes include fun games, relays and new weekly challenges!
lifelong approach
Inspiring kids to live and lead a healthy life
Educate on our 4 pillars to address the whole athlete
Training and educating athletes of all levels

Encouraging daily movement

designed for kids ages 8+

6 -10 week program

structured Training plan 3x/week including warm-up, workout and cooldown 
any recommended gear includes common household items 
each workout day includes links to video exercise demonstration
Hosted 1 day/week in your community's local park or field  (day and evening options Available)
Our 1 hour classes bring kids together for a team-like session that gets them moving with fun athletic drills and games
Each week is completely new and builds upon the "at-home" Program

Keeping Play Safe

Our COVID playbook for helping kids stay active and safe this Fall
We follow our COVID Preparedness Plan based on the guidelines and recommendations from the MN Department of Health and Education
All in-person outdoor classes follow safe social distancing and all coaches are required to wear face masks 
Throughout the Summer we have been safely hosting outdoor classes with Edina Parks for kids ages 8+ under the COVID guidelines

We're excited to work with kids in your local community

 Our Hybrid Program is starting this Fall 
 Inquire today to get started!  

LifeLong Athletics

Youth Athletic Training


Weekly tips and resources for Parents of Young Athletes!

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