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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What equipment do i need for the program?

  • Are the age ranges flexible?

  • Do parents participate?

What equipment do I need for the program?

All you really need is yourself! Our programs are designed to be done at home consisting of body weight movements with the occasional use common household items.

Are the age ranges flexible?

Yes, our programs are designed to fit all ages. If you have a more advanced athlete, we recommend 1:1 Coaching for best results. However, we are happy to scale or adjust our programs to fit your athlete's abilities. Reach out for more information.

Do parents participate?


Parent participation in your youth athlete's program is optional, though highly recommended for younger athletes new to athletic concepts. We have found parents who are active in their athlete's program leads to more positive outcomes. We have intentionally designed our virtual programs to give you and your athlete the tools and resources to elevate their performance and health. 

My child plays multiple sports, will this benefit him/her?

Yes, we encourage kids to play multiple sports. Studies show that kids involved in multiple sports are less likely to get over-use injuries and suffer from burnout.

My child does not play any sports, is this program still applicable?

Absolutely, our programs are still for your athlete no matter his or her experience level. 

Do you offer in-person coaching?

Yes, we do offer in person coaching, however, we understand the current environment may limit our ability to meet with your athlete. We are managing this on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out if you are interested in scheduling an introduction with our coaches.

Is a strength program right for my child?

Strength training is great for all ages. Our programs focus on mastering one's own body weight before any additional external weight is added.