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Join the team Building a Healthier Generation
We are passionate about training and educating youth athletes, primarily ages 8 - 14, about a LifeLong Approach to athletics. We integrate Performance, Recovery, Nutrition and Role Model pillars into all our programming to set kids up for success in the long-game.
Together, we are building a healthier generation.
TO Kick Start Your Journey
as a LifeLong Athlete
Athlete Welcome Kit 
Included for Free
We're sending new athlete sign-ups an exclusive Welcome Kit, which includes:
Hydro Flask - water bottle to hydrate-up and used for decking out with earned "badges"
Training Cones - stay on point and elevate your on-field performance
Recovery Ball - for post-workout recovery and improving athlete mobility
access to online content for mobile & desktop
Access the full program online within the Members Only community. Stay connected to the latest updates, including: new Challenge Drops, workout video demonstrations, and bonus resources for parents and athletes about sports and an active lifestyle
printable athlete program guide & tools
Comprehensive program guide to keep athletes active and motivated over the next 4-weeks. 
Workout Tracking Log - targeting athletic performance for mobility, coordination and speed!
athlete journal - post-workout questions to build a connection to the program
healthy snack recipes - family-friendly nutritional snacks for in between games or post-training fuel
...and so much more!
experience Our 4-week virtual program
designed for youth athletes

Age-appropriate workouts, recommended for athletes ages 8-14

Put your progress to the test with optional weekly Performance Challenges

Elevate athletic potential and develop healthy habits for the long-game

Select 1 of 4 Health Tracks to pursue personalized interests and earn "badges" 

Flexibility & mobility days to develop injury prevention

Post-workout journal questions to encourage a health-first mindset about workouts and healthy eating 

Whether your athlete is new to sports and athletics or a seasoned regular, our programs are ready to fit your athlete's goals.

For Parents to know: 

We keep you updated with weekly emails introducing the athlete's workouts for the week and tips to keep them motivated

Participate in your athlete's health journey with family-oriented workouts and team-inspired meal prep

No equipment needed- all the workouts can be done with objects commonly found at home!

What to Expect
Non-Sport Specific
All athletes need a solid foundation before they can master the skills of their sport. Our programs establish this foundation with each week building upon the next including advancing progressions and challenges. 
Step-by-Step Guidance
Start with the warm-up and end with the cool-down. Athletes will learn about the different planes of movement, and experience structured and diverse workouts. Our video exercise library provides educational tips for mastering technique and form. Plus, all programs include an Athlete Traction Log to track progress and self reflect on goals.
Recovery & Nutrition
Elevate your athlete's health game with our lesson plans focused on nutrition and recovery. The program includes an Athlete Nutrition Guide, complete with delicious, family fun recipes. Optimize athlete recovery with our focus on: sleep, post-game stretching and more! 

start today and your athlete will receive

their free welcome kit

Hydro Flask - Training Cones - Recovery Ball

Questions? Reach out and a member of our team will be able to assist you

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Weekly tips and resources for Parents of Young Athletes!

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