Our Team

Founder & Head Trainer

Jamie Mueller

Jamie founded LifeLong Athletics with the vision of building a healthier next generation and keeping sports fun for all types of athletes. She was always involved in sports growing up and excelled in basketball. She has a deep passion for health and fitness and wishes to inspire others to lead healthy lifestyles. At LifeLong Athletics Jamie is the mastermind behind all the programs and is the head trainer. She has experience coaching athletes ranging from ages 8-21+. She specializes in strength, conditioning, speed and agility performance training. Additionally, she has several years of experience coaching group fitness classes in both CrossFit and yoga styles classes.

Coach's Quote

“I aspire to help others be the best version of themselves. At the core of each program I design I have this as my guiding force. I recognize the valuable life lesson sports taught me growing up. I hope to teach those same lessons and more to young athletes today. I am a LifeLong Athlete and am always aspiring to learn new skills to become a better athlete to stay on top of my game!”