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Youth Sports Postponed? Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Athlete Active At-Home

Sports is going to look very different for many young athletes this Fall due to cancelled seasons or abbreviated schedules. For Parents of Children ages 7-13, this can be particularly worrisome for 2 big reasons:

1. Kids at this young age are at a critical stage in their physical development, and

2. Past studies show nearly 70% of kids stop playing community-based sports by age 13

Woofta! That’s a lot to take in. I think we can all agree, sports are an incredibly valuable way for our kids to be physically active, stir competitive spirit, develop teamwork and so much more! A pause on sports doesn’t have to leave you worried that your child will miss out on these critical developmental experiences or leave them with extra hours in the week to play video games. As Parents, there’s so much we can still do to encourage our kids' physical activity for continued good health and mental well-being.

Continue reading for our top 3 recommendations to keep kids active this Fall:

Pulse Check

We are all at different comfort levels when it comes to COVID. And that's ok! We acknowledge, fear of illness, as the biggest barrier to our Child resuming sports activity once restrictions are removed. The latest study, performed by The Aspen Institute in August 2020, found six out of 10 parents view their child getting sick as the primary barrier to resuming sports, and five out of 10 worry they personally will become ill.

What Can We Do?

Get the gang back together. Make a call to the coach or the parents of your kids’ sports team. Chances are your kids may already be staying active with other kids in the neighborhood. But nothing beats getting the team back together. Host a day of games in the backyard, and watch your child’s healthy competitive spirit shine. Your child continuing to be active with their teammates, despite any sport cancellations, is a perfect way to keep that chemistry intact and work on “no-look” passes (it’s a thing!).

Exercise with your kids. Maybe you yourself have recently subscribed to one of the plethora of virtual training options out there like Nike Training Club or Peloton. And if you have, chances are your child has seen you working out and might even be mimicking you in the background. Kids are like that, am I right?! So if you’re working out in the backyard or on a yoga mat - invite the kids to join. It’s hard for them (and even myself sometimes) to stand in front of my phone and follow a workout. But if you’re doing it as a family and the kids are moving to the beat of Mom and Dad, it can make for a great time and smart way to get their sweat on. Yes, even a little strength training is good for the kiddos at a young age (as long as it’s done safely - a little article for that coming soon!)

Virtual programs just for kids. A structured workout plan with weekly challenges to test their athletic ability and kid-friendly tips for living a healthier life. It’s out there! At a young age, kids don’t want to feel like they’re working out. They want to Move and have fun doing so. It’s why we designed our 4-week virtual program for young athletes to be instilled with a sense of Play. Complete with games, challenges and mind-body connection efforts to stay motivated and build inner-competition.

Interested in learning more about LifeLong Athletic's 4-week virtual athletic program for young athletes? Send us a message. Our virtual program starts any time, anywhere. Great for encouraging daily movement while at-home.