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4 Week Program | Ages 8+
Role Models
What Makes Us Different
Our approach is built on our 4 essential pillars to address the whole athlete. Each program is thoughtfully designed  around these pillars for athletes of all levels to build and inspire them to be LifeLong athletes

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Cost: $45

Perfect for at-home

speed - mobility - coordination

non-sport specific

Recommended: Ages 8-14

4-week athlete plan
3 Training Days/Week 
Targeting athletic performance for speed, mobility and coordination plus demonstration videos for each movement
athlete journal 
Post-workout journal questions to encourage our LifeLong Approach to fitness and healthy eating 
healthy snack recipes 
Family-friendly nutritional snacks for in between games or post-training fuel
At-home Challenges
Athletes can put their progress to the test with two 14-day  Challenges!
Internal Competition
Athletic Development
fun & engaging!
stay engaged
weekly check-ins 
Each week we connect with the Athletes (and Parents) during pre-scheduled 30 minute sessions
facebook community 
Join the Facebook Community to stay up-to-date with latest tips and resources
experience the 4-week virtual program
designed for youth athletes

Performance - Recovery - Nutrition - Role Models

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Youth Athletic Training


Weekly tips and resources for Parents of Young Athletes!

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